Innovation is our common success criterion

We believe that innovation and the process of improvement to reach even more creative and cost-effective solutions must be based on the overall sum of competence that the supplier and customer bring jointly to the partnership.

This is the real challenge, and we are ready to meet it.


A trusted manufacturer for more than 90 years


For decades we have served customers around the world from our location in Fredrikstad, Norway.

  • 1922     Company established by Theodor B. Unger
  • 1950's:  Started production of dry LAS
  • 1992:    Owned by the Olav Thon Group
  • 1998:    Full-scale FAS production
  • 2008:    Designed FAS product line

Your worldwide partner in anionics


Today more than 95% of our business is conducted with international partners and customers, and every day we dispatch goods to destinations worldwide - by road, rail or sea.


  • 75 countries
  • Logistical solutions
  • Global sales with local knowledge
  • Workhorse within cleaning applications
  • Air entrainers

High quality


We aim to be your first choice!

With a sophisticated, world scale production plant, using the latest technology, Unger is producing consistent and high quality products

Dry products


Dry Fatty Alcohol Sulphate (FAS)

Dry Linear Alkylbenzene Sulphonate (LAS)

Tailor made blends


    The advantages of going dry are still undiscovered by many detergent and hygiene product manufacturers. We serve more than a hundred customers with high quality requirements in more than fifty countries.

    Functional Materials

    Based on our our extensive knowledge in both drying technology and of our customers needs and demands, we have developed a wide range of dry products. 

    Your Worldwide Partner in Surfactants and Functional Materials

    Unger manufactures and exports a wide variety of surfactant raw materials applied in household detergents, personal care and institutional products, as well as functional additives for industrial applications - worldwide.

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