Ufarol TDG product line

Jeanette Ledang 01/10/2018

New anionic surfactants for Dental Care Applications.

Now available as high active powder, agglomerates and needles.



  • Products: Ufarol TDG P, Ufarol TGD A and Ufarol TDG N

  • Available as RSPO Mass Balance certified Product

  • Typical active matter: 95%

  • Applications: Toothpaste and mouth Wash

  • Performance Properties:

            * Excellent foam
            * Excellent solubility
            * Reduced Surface tension
            * Good cleaning efficiency
            * Imporved dosage accuracy, processing and handling
            * Readily biodegradable

  • Regulations: REACH approved

  • Conforms analytical specifications of both European and US Pharmacopeia's for Dental Applications



Fore more information about the Ufarol TDG Product line, click here.

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