Unger's performance additives are widely used in different areas of the construction industry. We provide additives as liquid or powder to be used in gypsum plasterboard, mortars and plasters and various types of concretes. These include foaming agents, air entrainers, wetting- and dispersing agents.

With our high performing products we enable our customers to improve and optimize their production, increase the quality of their products, improve their yield and save energy. 

The main function of Unger products is to incorporate a predefined amount of homogeneously distributed air. The function of the additive can differ depending of the various environments and ways they are applied. By fine tuning the molecular properties we are able to customize our products to meet our customers requirements.

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Gypsum plasterboard

Foaming agents plays a major role in reducing the density of the board, which allows for ease of handling, thermal insulation, sound proofing, shorter drying times and savings in raw material cost.

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Mortars, Plaster

In any type of mortar and plaster, the controlled formation of air bubbles of the right dimensions will improve the product greatly.

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