Mortars, Plaster

In any type of mortar and plaster, the controlled formation of air bubbles of the right dimensions will improve the product greatly.

Besides of reducing weight and costs, air entrainment with Unger surfactants will increase the workability, the affinity and the durability of the end product. Depending on local conditions, type of mortar or plaster in question, we can recommend highly functional products for air entrainment.

Unger Functional Material UFAPORE T-range covers all the air entrainers needed, depending of the amount of air, bubble size and structure. UFAPORE T-range is suitable for both mechanically and manually applied plasters, mortars and renders. For the DIY market we have developed products that are easily handled without excessive dust formation. For the automated ready mix plants we have products that have an excellent flow even under high pressure and temperatures, making dosing accurately.

 You can make you choice of air entraining agent depending of the properties of your choice.         

Product nameChemical compositionAppearance @ RTActive content
Air entrainers for mortar and plaster
Ufapore TFA Fatty Alcohol Sulphate, sodium salt White powder ~ 94%
Ufapore TAE Fatty Alcohol Sulphate, sodium salt White agglomerates ~ 95%
Ufapore TA-7 Fatty Alcohol Sulphate, sodium salt White agglomeratesd ~ 95%
Ufapore TLA Fatty Alcohol Sulphate, sodium salt White agglomerate - dust free ~ 96%
Ufapore TCO Alfa-olefin sulphonate, sodium salt White powder ~ 92%
Wetting agent for light weight concrete
Ufapore LC Mixture of anionic surfactans Liquid ~ 32%
Air entrainers for concrete
Ufapore CC 1A Mixture of nonionic surfactans Amber liquid ~ 95%
Ufapore CC Mixture of anionic and nonionic surfactans Clear liquid ~ 30%

Drilling foam

Ufapore VB Surfactant mixture with cobuilder Liquid ~ 30%


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