You have been sent to this site because cookies are used, also known as cookies. This is a general information about what kind of cookies are used, what information is being processed, the purpose of the processing and who is processing the information. See also general information about cookies at the bottom of this page.

What kind of cookies are used on:

  • Cookies on, used to collect information anonymously.
  • The cookies that exist are used for, unless otherwise stated, the collection of user statistics and language settings on the page.

What information is being processed:

On, the information is processed according to the methods mentioned above.

Purpose of the treatment:

The purpose, with the exception of logged in users, is not to identify you as a user, but to create a better user experience for all users.

Who is processing the information:

Cookies in themselves have no value, as they store only a random identification number. It is only when you link this information to a database that the information can be processed. Owners of, confirm that this information is processed strictly and it is used only for the purpose intended for data collection. Identification of users is done only in cases where strictly necessary. This can be for example in connection with the purchase of goods and services or other situations that require the user to be logged in.

General information about cookies / cookies:

Cookies are small files that are stored by your browser on your machine. If you open another browser on your computer, the same cookies will not be transferred there. A cookie usually contains four parameters:

  • Name of cookie
  • Unique cookie ID (this is linked to your browser)
  • How long the cookie will be stored on your machine
  • The domain for which the cookie applies

Due to the last point here, it is very difficult to abuse a cookie. A cookie in itself has little value until it is linked to a database. Therefore, it will have little or no value if someone tries to move it over to another domain because they do not have access to the database.

You can turn off cookies:

It is quite possible to turn off cookies in your browser.

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