Unger Surfactants offers a broad range of anionic and nonionic surfactants used within a number of applications.

Personal Care

Unger manufactures and supplies a wide range of surfactants such as ether sulphates, lauryl sulphates, sodium alkyl sulphates, coco sulphates, concentrated blends, coconut fatty acid diethanolamide and coco amidopropyl betaine.


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Toilet Care

As world leading producer of dry LAS (Linear Sodium Alkyl Benzene Sulphonate), designed and tailor made for toilet care applications, we offer the UFARYL® product line. We always meet the formulator’s challenging demands in manufacturing toilet care products


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Unger Surfactants manufactures and provide a wide variety of anionic surfactants. They are available as dry, paste and liquids. Anionic surfactants are usually considered to be the "workhorse" detergent in every laundry formulation.



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I&I/Hard surface cleaners

Both anionic and nonionic surfactants are essential ingredients in hard surface cleaners. In Industrial & Institutional applications and Home Care products, modern needs in cleaning operations calls for new and improved surfactants. Not only do they need to be highly effective and compatible with other additives but also to have optimal cleaning efficiency.


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