Unger Surfactants manufactures and provide a wide variety of anionic surfactants. They are available as dry, paste and liquids. Anionic surfactants are usually considered to be the "workhorse" detergent in every laundry formulation.

UFARYL®, THONYL and UFAROL are developed for use in different laundry applications:

  • Powders 
  • Tablets 
  • Liquids 
  • Pods 
  • Heavy duty compact powders 
  • Heavy duty liquids 
  • Bleach powders and bleach boosters


The products offer a number of properties:

  • Excellent detergency 
  • High active dry products 
  • Easy solubility at low temperature washing 
  • Free flow, easy storage and ready to mix 
  • Tolerance for different water qualities 
  • Compatible with enzymes 
  • Readily biodegradable 
  • Approved for use in Nordic Swan/Bra Miljöval/EU Flower labeled products


Why should you contact Unger?

If your choice for surfactants is crucial, you may want to contact us and find out how we can present to you solutions that will optimize your production processes and products.

Unger’s technical support is ready to make recommendations for specific formulation needs, and our highly experienced R&D team is interested in doing joint product development projects.


You are welcome to join Unger’s innovation and R&D team!


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View the full product range in our Surfactants Guide

Our product range is subject to continous development and change. The guide contents represents our standard product range. Customized products can be made available upon request.

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